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Customer Information

Customer agrees the information that is provided, and will be provided to Parish, is accurate, complete and current, including without limitation your legal name, address, and telephone number(s). Customer agrees to notify Parish promptly if there is any change in the information provided to us. Failure to provide and maintain accurate information may delay response time and is a breach of this agreement. 


Payment Policy    Service Policy    Cable Subscriber Privacy Protection   Internet Subscriber Agreement

Parish Communications has the right to add to, modify, or delete any term in this Agreement at any time. Customer's acceptance of Services constitutes Customer's acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. In the event that a portion of Customer's Services is terminated, or any aspect of it is changed, any remaining service or replacement service will continue to be governed by this Agreement.



Billing and Payment Policy

Services are billed in advance.  Statements are mailed on the 15th of the month for services in the following month. Payment is due on or before the 14th of the month in which you are being billed (ie A statement is mailed on November 15th for services in December. You have until December 14th to pay all charges, or the previous business day if the 14ths falls on a weekend or holiday).  If full payment is not received at this time, a late charge will be assessed and you will have until the 25th of that month to make payment in full.  If full payment is still not received before the 25th of that month, you will be assessed a $20.00 Collection Charge and services could be disconnected.

Parish must be notified within 30 days of your billing date of any billing discrepancies or requests for credit.  Payment cannot be withheld while a dispute is in progress.  In the event of the dispute resulting in a credit, it will be applied to your account.

If you choose to make a payment over the phone with a Parish Representative, a Service Fee of $2.00 will be assessed.

Monthly prices and fees are subject to change.

Payments are posted the day they are received in the office.
Please allow 7-10 days for mail to be delivered.


You may be required to pay a refundable deposit when you activate service or receive equipment in connection with service, or if you fail to pay any amounts when they are due. If your service is disconnected or we are otherwise required to refund the deposit, we shall return a sum equal to the amount you paid minus any amounts due on your account, including without limitation, any amounts owed for services or for any equipment that is damaged or not returned.

Disconnect for Non-Payment

Failure to pay all charges within the allotted time will result in a disconnection of service. If you are disconnected, you will be charged for non-returned equipment, a filing fee will be added to your account and the account will be turned over to a third-party collection agency, which may negatively impact your credit report. Any subsequent reconnect will be subject to the payment of a reconnect fee, all back balances, all costs of collection, prepayment of services, and a deposit on equipment. Service will be restored the next available business day. If service restoration is not initiated within 30 days of disconnection, the restoration may be considered a new connection and subject to full activation charges. Non-Payment customers will also not be eligible for any promotional offers.

Prepayment Policy

If you choose to pay for 12 months of service in advance, you will receive credit for the 13th month. However, if you cancel services for any reason in less than 12 months, the 13th month is forfeited. Please note that taxes and fees that are are a not directly related to the cost of service may not be covered as a part of the 13th month (ie franchise fees, state and federal taxes, surcharges, etc).

Check, Bankcard Returns and Auto-Payment Returns

Parish may assess a returned item charge of $30.00 for all returned checks, bankcard charge backs, or returned auto-payments.  The returned amount plus fee must be replaced by cash or money order within 3 business days of Parish notifying customer.  If a returned item is received for payment on installation or a past due balance, services will be considered not paid and services will be interrupted.  Parish reserves the right to refuse check, bankcard and automatic payments for a period of time following the return.

Payment Collection

Monthly payments that are collected in the field by a technician or other authorized Parish employee are subject to a collection charge.

Seasonal Services

When adding a service you will be billed for a minimum of one month for that service, even if terminated prior to the use of the full month. This includes, but is not limited to, seasonal accounts and services.

To ensure that your service is activated and working at the time of your return, please notify our office of your planned arrival seven (7) days in advance.

Click here for payment methods.

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To Add or Drop a Service

If a customer wishes to add or drop any services, it can only be done by calling the office. Any changes made to the account need to be done by the person named on the account. If a customer wishes to have second person added to the account, please call the office so that we may add that information to the account. If Parish does not receive a call, the customer's service will continue as reported in our office. If the account has a past due balance, it must be paid before any new services can be added, or before any service can be upgraded. There is no charge to drop services. If a customer has a credit balance, the customer must contact our office to request the refund within 60 days of the date of disconnection. All refunds will be subject to a processing fee, and no refunds are given for amounts under $15.00.


Do not mail written correspondence with your billing statement. All written correspondence is ignored. Any changes in service must be done by phone or in person by the person named on the account. If we do not hear from you by phone or in person, your services will continue as reported in our office. Parish will not process credit card information that is left as voicemail. It is Customer's responsibility to contact office personnel to make payment if Customer elects to pay by credit or debit card.

Service Calls

If Parish is prompted by Customer to dispatch a technician to Customer's home because of a service problem (i.e. poor reception, no reception, unable to browse the internet, etc.) and it is found that the problem is in the customer's television set, VCR, computer, router, etc, there will be a service charge, payable at the time of the service call. Someone over eighteen (18) years of age with a picture ID must be present during any installation or repair of your service. If you are not the owner of the premises upon which the service is to be installed or repaired, you warrant that the owner has granted consent for Parish technicians or other authorized agents to enter the premises for the purpose of installation or repair, and will hold Parish harmless against claims of the owner following the requested visit.

Request for Service / Installation

Requests for connection can be made by telephone or at our office. Customers will be advised of installation and any pre-payment amounts due at the time of install. At the time of connection, the installation fee plus pre-payment of one month are due, as well as payment for any additional outlets that are installed upon customer's request. Billing begins on the date of physical installation and will be prorated for the month. Someone over eighteen (18) years of age with a picture ID must be home during any installation or repair of service. You authorize Parish to make preparations to the premises as necessary for the installation.

Seasonal Services

To ensure that your service is activated and working at the time of your return, please notify our office of your planned arrival seven (7) days in advance.

When adding a service you will be billed for a minimum of one month for that service, even if terminated prior to the use of the full month. This includes, but is not limited to, seasonal accounts and services.

Request for Disconnection and Equipment Return

Request for disconnects may be made at Parish's office or by phone. A disconnect becomes effective and billing stops the day that all services are terminated at the requested address and all cable equipment is returned. Failure to return the equipment within 15 days of the requested disconnect date will make the customer liable for the charges outlined in the service and equipment agreement, plus any cost of collection. The charges for not returning equipment may be up to $400.00. Do not leave the equipment in your vacant home or with anyone else. Allow up to 5 (five) business days for any changes to occur in services after contacting the office. Customer agrees that Parish has no responsibility to visit the customer's home upon termination to reconfigure computers, TV, VCR, antenna or phone.

Any equipment provided to Customer by Parish shall remain on the premises and is property of Parish. Customer assumes the risk of loss, theft or damage to the equipment at all times prior to the removal of the equipment by Parish or return of the equipment by Customer. All equipment must be returned in the same condition it was in when it was initially installed or the account could be charged up to $400.00. Equipment Parish is not responsible for damage that occurs due to acts of nature. Customer agrees to unplug Parish's equipment during electrical storms. Customer may not transfer or assign their cable modems or other equipment without the consent of Parish.

Parish Communications Property

The customer agrees that he/she will not disturb, alter, or remove any portion of the company's equipment or material; will adequately safeguard the company's property against other; and will not hire or permit anyone other that authorized personnel to perform work on the company's equipment or material.

Internal Wiring

Customer understands that internal wiring (coaxial, telephone, or other) is the responsibility of the Customer. If you have someone other than Parish install the inside wiring in your home, or if you do it yourself, you are responsible for ensuring the wiring does not interfere with the normal operation of the cable system and that it complies with applicable federal regulations, including protection against signal leakage. If necessary, Parish may change, replace or correct the configuration of internal wiring, at which point a charge may apply.

Parish does not wallfish or crawlfish internal wiring. Technicians will install service at the desired location either by drilling a hole into the room through an outside wall or by drilling a hole up through the floor from a crawlspace or basement. If you would like an outlet wallfished or crawlfished, it is the responsibility of the customer to hire a contractor at the cost of the customer.

Repair of Cable Equipment

Parish Communications will repair and/or replace any defective system components at no charge unless such repair is necessary due to alteration or abuse by the customer. In this case a reasonable charge will be assessed.

Access to Customer Premises

By ordering service, Parish Communications and its authorized employees and agents are implicitly granted the right to enter upon your property to install service, and to audit, adjust, repair, replace, maintain, move or remove equipment, and check for signal leakage during regular business hours. A person over the age of 18 (eighteen) years must be present with a picture ID. If you are not the owner of the home or premises, you warrant that the owner has granted consent for Parish technicians to enter the premises for the purpose of repair or maintenance.

Transfer and Assignment

Customers may not transfer or assign their converters and other equipment without the consent of Parish Communications.


In requesting service, customer agrees to hold Parish Communications harmless from and against all claims, suits, fees, and other liabilities for damage to property or injury, or death to any person arising from the installation and provision of service except such as was caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of Parish Communications or its authorized employees or agents.

Parish Communications will not be responsible at any time for damage that may occur to the following, but not limited to, dog fences, sprinkler systems, septic or drain fields, during the burial or cable drops. Parish Communications will contact MissDig to stake all utilities (the aforementioned are not on the MissDig system). It will be the customer's responsibility to inform Parish and to expose any of the above, prior to Parish Communications burying any cable drops. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure crawl space covers or other points of access are replaced or closed upon completion of installation, maintenance, or other work.

Right of Way

In requesting and accepting service, customer grants Parish Communications, without fee, the easement and rights of way necessary to render services to the customer.

Suspension of Service

Parish Communications may suspend or terminate service to any Customer who is using the service in a manner that interferes with or impairs the use by any other Customer, or to any Customer who interferes with or impairs the ability of Parish to offer service or support to any other Customer, or to any other Customer who is fraudulently using the service, or to any Customer who uses the service to commit illegal actions. Account is billed at full while suspended, unless otherwise cancelled.  Parish is entitled to assume that any communications made through your services, or from the location of your services, are your communications or authorized by you.  The person named on the account assumes responsibility for all charges or penalties that may result including, but not limited to, costs related to correcting the issue.

Disruption of Service

Parish Communications is not liable for any inconvenience, loss, liability, or damage resulting from any interruption of services directly or indirectly caused by circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to third-party accidents and electrical power outages. In no event shall Parish be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages from whatever cause, including, but not limited to, loss of business or wages.

Eyes and Ears Program

If you see someone tampering with our cable lines, stealing services, a house being moved through underneath our cable lines (causing damage to our services), digging without calling MissDig (which may cause interruption of service), unauthorized agents climbing poles, or anything else that may not seem "normal," please call us. The reward will depend on the severity of the infraction.

Cable Outages

If at any time your cable is out more than 15 minutes, please call the office to let us know immediately. The more people that call the office, the easier it will be to locate the problem. The problem may be an isolated area and may not affect your neighbor. Your cooperation can speed up our service response.

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Cable Subscriber Privacy Protection

Some forms of information personally identifying you are or will be collected in connection with the operation of our cable television system. The information collected may include your name, billing status, mailing address, telephone number, employer, social security number, driver's license number, description of any equipment, service record and complaints. Such information may not be collected or disclosed for any purpose without your consent except as described in this statement.

This information, including delivery or maintenance of services and equipment, billing, accounts, collections, advertising or detection of unauthorized reception of cable communications services, is necessary to render our cable service or other services to you or to conduct a legitimate business activity related to our cable system. In connection with these activities, this information may be disclosed on a day to day basis to employees or agents of our system, including, but not limited to sales or marketing personnel, billing or collections services, auditors, accountants, attorneys, lenders, programmers and regulatory agencies. Your name and address may also be disclosed to program guide suppliers or other non-cable services so that you may receive programming guides or other services from them. This disclosure will not indicate the extent or type of any use you make of the services we provide or of any transaction you make over the cable system. Information personally identifying you may also be disclosed after notice to you, if required by a court order authorizing such disclosure.

Information which personally identifies you will be maintained in our local office for as long as necessary for the purpose for which it was collected which, in any event, will be no longer than five (5) years after you are no longer a subscriber.

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Installation fees are for internet activation on one (1) computer only. If you would like Parish to add additional computer or routers, there may be additional fees. If there are problems with missing files, viruses or third party software at the time of activation, Parish Communications will not be responsible.

At the time of installation Parish may provide the customer with third party software (a browser and plug-ins) to enable and/or enhance the service. Parish does not support third party software and if the customer has questions regarding third party software, the Customer should contact the software manufacturer directly.

Customer understands that it is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure the computer is set up in the home at the time of modem installation. If the computer is not set up at the time of installation and a modem is left without installing service, there may be additional fees for returned visits to the home.

Customer understands that the monthly download limit is thirty (30) gigabytes [effective February 1, 2011]. If Customer exceeds this amount, the account is billed for the overage.

Parish is not liable for any damages, loss or destruction to Customer's premises or computer equipment during installation, or any other time, including but not limited to any damage to, loss or destruction of any software, hardware, files and data. For these reasons, the customer acknowledges and understands the importance of backing up all files to another storage mechanism.

Parish does not warrant that any data, files or messages that the customer sends/receives via the service will be error free, free of viruses or other harmful components or that service will be free from unauthorized access by others or that other users will be unable to gain access to customer's computer(s). Parish may terminate any or all services if a virus or other harmful feature or software is found to be present on your computer or traced to your IP address.  Parish is not required to provide you with any assistance in the removal of viruses.

Parish has no responsibility for the operation or support, maintenance or repair of any equipment, software or services that customers elect to use in relation to the high-speed internet connection, including, but not limited to, in-home networks, computers, routers, VoIP, gaming systems, etc. Customer is responsible for the security of any device connected to the service.  Customer agrees that any wireless network installed by the Customer of Parish technician must be secured. If Parish detects an unsecured wireless network associated with your service, Parish will notify you to enable the security on the network device.  If it remains unsecured, Parish may suspend the service.

Customer will not use the high-speed internet for operation as an Internet Service Provider, a server site, telnet, rlogin, email hosting, web hosting or other similar applications, or to gain access to any company or person's computer or equipment without consent of the person. Customer understands that Customer is responsible for any and all fines/punishments resulting from illegally downloading copyrighted material, or other activities that violates local, state, federal or international law or regulation. Any of the above infractions will result in suspension or loss of service. Customer assumes responsibility for any information that is transmitted from your IP address or account, regardless of unawareness or inadvertence.

Customer acknowledges that use of the high-speed Internet does not give you ownership or other rights in any internet/online addresses provided to you, including but not limited to IP addresses, email addresses or web addresses. Parish can modify or change these at any time without notice and will not be required to compensate you for these changes. If the service is disconnected for any reason, email addresses will be deleted and Parish has no obligation to make the email address or messages retrievable after disconnection.

Some content and material on the Internet may be offensive, unsuitable for children, may violate federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations or may violate your rights and those of others. Parish assumes no responsibility for the content and material. Anyone who accesses the content does so at his or her own risk.

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Parish has the right to add to, modify, or delete any term in this Agreement. This Agreement supersedes all previous written and oral agreements. Your acceptance or continued use of services upon effectiveness of any change to this document constitutes your acceptance of such changes. If you do not agree to any change, you will immediately stop use of services and notify our office of your termination of services.