Internet Troubleshooting
We highly recommend printing this information for future reference.

If you can not get online, try the following:
1) Look for loose wires or cables in the back of the computer.
2) Check the lights on the modem for power. There should be 4 lights on and 1 light blinking (the activity light).

If these lights are not on:*
1) Power down the computer (if you have more than one computer, see below)
2) Pull the power cord from the modem..
3) After 5 minutes, put the power cord back into the modem.
4) Turn on the computer.

More than one computer:*
1) Power down all computers.
2) Pull power cord from the modem and router.
3) Leave everything powered down for 5 minutes.
4) Put power cord back into modem.
5) Insert power cord to the router.
6) Restart the computers.

*These steps may have to be done more than once.
**It is recommended that you do your updates and check for viruses weekly. If you don't have virus protection, we recommend that you download one.